A-Z Travel Challenge: B is for Barbados.

Want to know what visiting Barbados is like? Picture yourself lounging on a beautiful, white-sand beach, listening to the gently lapping waves of the crystal-clear, turquoise waters, all with a glass of Rum Punch in hand. Sign me up, right?! Why Barbados? Trip Dates: 19th – 28th October 2020. We found ourselves in Barbados lastContinue reading “A-Z Travel Challenge: B is for Barbados.”

30 Before 30: The Challenge Edition.

Okay, so I know the 30 before 30 bucket-list thing has been done to death! Bear with me. I thought that rather than just ploughing out a list of your bog-standard once in a lifetime experiences (“see the northern lights”, “Swim with dolphins” etc. etc.) I could set myself 30 mini-challenges to complete this yearContinue reading “30 Before 30: The Challenge Edition.”