A-Z Travel Challenge: C is for Chania, Crete.

Why Chania? We initially chose Chania, Crete for Thea Thalassa, Villa. We were just looking for somewhere in Europe, preferably that we hadn’t been to before, that we could rent our own space with a private pool. Villa Thalassa had everything we were looking for and more. We loved it so much that we endedContinue reading “A-Z Travel Challenge: C is for Chania, Crete.”

A-Z Travel Challenge: B is for Barbados.

Want to know what visiting Barbados is like? Picture yourself lounging on a beautiful, white-sand beach, listening to the gently lapping waves of the crystal-clear, turquoise waters, all with a glass of Rum Punch in hand. Sign me up, right?! Why Barbados? Trip Dates: 19th – 28th October 2020. We found ourselves in Barbados lastContinue reading “A-Z Travel Challenge: B is for Barbados.”