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The Monthly Round-up.

As a someone who worked for most of my adult life in the hair and beauty industry and is now a writer, books and beauty products are two of my favourite things. I thought it would be fun to share a round up of the books I’ve read and products I’ve used each month.

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Books and Beauty – The January Round-Up.

Books and Beauty – The January Round-Up. Let me start by confessing, this post is a week late! I had initially planned to get this out for the beginning of this month however we brought our little Maltipoo puppy, Buzz, home last week. He has somewhat taken over our lives (in the best possible way).Continue reading “Books and Beauty – The January Round-Up.”

Books & Beauty: The February Round-Up.

It’s more like BOOK and beauty this month, because: I’ve also had a reaction to a new SPF, so I haven’t been able to use any skincare. I’ve been making up for this with lots of haircare, so I hope you enjoy this month’s haircare-heavy round-up. Books: Beauty: I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s round-up.Continue reading “Books & Beauty: The February Round-Up.”

Books & Beauty: The March Round-Up

Welcome to another month of book and beauty product reviews. Still a little light in the book department this month. (I WILL read more this April!) But I have finished some of my all-time favourites on the beauty side, so I hope you enjoy hearing about some of my go-to products. Let me know yourContinue reading “Books & Beauty: The March Round-Up”

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