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A-Z Travel Challenge: C is for Chania, Crete.

Why Chania? We initially chose Chania, Crete for Thea Thalassa, Villa. We were just looking for somewhere in Europe, preferably that we hadn’t been to before, that we could rent our own space with a private pool. Villa Thalassa had everything we were looking for and more. We loved it so much that we endedContinue reading “A-Z Travel Challenge: C is for Chania, Crete.”

Books & Beauty: The March Round-Up

Welcome to another month of book and beauty product reviews. Still a little light in the book department this month. (I WILL read more this April!) But I have finished some of my all-time favourites on the beauty side, so I hope you enjoy hearing about some of my go-to products. Let me know yourContinue reading “Books & Beauty: The March Round-Up”

7 Things You Have to See and Do When Visiting the Whitsunday Islands.

We visited the Whitsunday Islands as part of a three-week-long jet-set around eastern Australia in October 2018. The whole trip was incredible, but the Whitsundays were definitely a standout moment. With everything from diving on The Great Barrier Reef to the spectacular scenery of Whitehaven Beach, if you make it to the Whitsunday Islands, theseContinue reading “7 Things You Have to See and Do When Visiting the Whitsunday Islands.”

A-Z Travel Challenge: B is for Barbados.

Want to know what visiting Barbados is like? Picture yourself lounging on a beautiful, white-sand beach, listening to the gently lapping waves of the crystal-clear, turquoise waters, all with a glass of Rum Punch in hand. Sign me up, right?! Why Barbados? Trip Dates: 19th – 28th October 2020. We found ourselves in Barbados lastContinue reading “A-Z Travel Challenge: B is for Barbados.”

Books & Beauty: The February Round-Up.

It’s more like BOOK and beauty this month, because: I’ve also had a reaction to a new SPF, so I haven’t been able to use any skincare. I’ve been making up for this with lots of haircare, so I hope you enjoy this month’s haircare-heavy round-up. Books: Beauty: I hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s round-up.Continue reading “Books & Beauty: The February Round-Up.”

A-Z Travel Challenge: A is for Andermatt.

Trip Dates: 7th – 9th April 2019. Situated about an hour’s drive from Zurich, up into the mountains, Andermatt is a small skiing town in the Swiss Alps. I found my way to Andermatt, not for the slopes, but for the spa! The Chedi Andermatt has been listed on various executive lists as one ofContinue reading “A-Z Travel Challenge: A is for Andermatt.”

6 Reasons Why Yoga Retreats are Perfect for Solo Travellers.

Solo Travel in My Teens: My first solo travel experience was at 19 years old when I spent nearly 6 months travelling around India, Nepal and South-East Asia. I absolutely had the time of my life, but I came home with mixed feelings about whether I’d travel solo again. It forced me to interact withContinue reading “6 Reasons Why Yoga Retreats are Perfect for Solo Travellers.”

To Book or Not to Book? A Summer 2021 Dilemma.

Last week we were bombarded with news headlines to the effect of: ‘yet more mixed messaging from government officials regarding summer travel’. Grant Shapps, transport Secretary, was quoted as saying don’t book a holiday. Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, was quoted as saying he already has (albeit within the UK). We’d all, therefore, be forgiven forContinue reading “To Book or Not to Book? A Summer 2021 Dilemma.”

Books and Beauty – The January Round-Up.

Books and Beauty – The January Round-Up. Let me start by confessing, this post is a week late! I had initially planned to get this out for the beginning of this month however we brought our little Maltipoo puppy, Buzz, home last week. He has somewhat taken over our lives (in the best possible way).Continue reading “Books and Beauty – The January Round-Up.”

Stardust by Neil Gaiman: A Review in Under 500 Words.

I have to admit that I can’t really be objective about this one because I love the film so much! So, I will start by crediting Neil Gaiman as 90% of the film’s genius was initially written by him, in this novel. However, I have to say, if I didn’t love the movie, I don’tContinue reading “Stardust by Neil Gaiman: A Review in Under 500 Words.”

30 Before 30: The Challenge Edition.

Okay, so I know the 30 before 30 bucket-list thing has been done to death! Bear with me. I thought that rather than just ploughing out a list of your bog-standard once in a lifetime experiences (“see the northern lights”, “Swim with dolphins” etc. etc.) I could set myself 30 mini-challenges to complete this yearContinue reading “30 Before 30: The Challenge Edition.”

Lessons Learnt from Travelling in 2020.

My experience of travelling admits the chaos of 2020 and a look forward to what 2021 might hold from a travel perspective. As someone who was incredibly privileged to have still been able to travel this year, I have learnt a lot! Travelling in 2020 has meant navigating continually changing travel regulations, stop and startContinue reading “Lessons Learnt from Travelling in 2020.”

My Top 5 Must Visit, Places to Eat In and Around Chania, Crete.

There is SO much choice when it comes to eating out in Chania. Unlike other European tourist hot-spots where the food tends to be a mish mash of tourist traps, brit-abroad pleasers and the odd hidden gem, I can honestly say we didn’t have a single bad meal in Chania.  Most of the restaurants here, evenContinue reading “My Top 5 Must Visit, Places to Eat In and Around Chania, Crete.”

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