About Me.

I’m acutely aware that you’ve probably visited this site to read about travel and not about the life story of an unknown stranger. However, just in-case anyone is interested (I guess you wouldn’t have clicked on this page if you weren’t?!), I am a some-what-neurotic, marginally dyslexic, travel and food loving, 29-year old. I’ve worked in the hair and beauty industry for most of my adult life, but I also love fashion and home design (anything with aesthetic value). I use A LOT of brackets (sorry, not sorry). I am also a massive animal lover and passionate about travelling responsibly and/or doing my bit in other ways to protect our beautiful planet and the creatures that inhabit it. 


Travel seems to mean a lot of different things to different people. I have been lucky enough to travel pretty extensively over the last 10 years, but I feel I should make clear from the offset, I am not a backpacker (well, I was once but that was a long time ago now). This blog covers aspects of luxury travel and a few more affordable options, but you won’t find tips on ‘how to travel on a budget of £2 a day’ or ‘how to survive with only one pair of pants for 3 weeks’ on this page, there are hundreds of other blogs out there for that! (Maybe not the pants bit). However, I hope that those looking for fun factor and to travel in style will get some insight into how and where to travel in order to experience top quality resorts and hotels, a mix of fine dining and local food and the very best of both relaxation and adventure. For me travel is all about enjoyment value, comfort and escapism.  

All Time Favourite Destination: Orlando, Florida.

This Blog

I’m a bit of a stickler for format so here is a breakdown of what each section of the site covers, I’m still working on building content so apologies if you find some areas that are still currently inactive.  

‘Destinations’ is a list of some of my favourite locations from around the globe, some are focused on a particular resort whereas others are more broadly focused on an area. All include a bit about getting there, where to stay, activities, food, highlights and any downsides.  

‘Top 5’s’ is exactly what it suggests. A catalogue some of my top 5 favourite things from restaurants to beauty products, usually travel related but sometimes not.  

‘On the ground’ is both my take on staying grounded at home with pieces about general home-life and wellness as well as some snippets of my favourite spa experiences from around the world. 

‘Hometown Glory’ is all about London. Despite getting away up to 8 times a year, the majority of my time is still spent in this wonderful city, so I felt it was only right to share some of, what I feel, is the best the capital has to offer. 

‘Active Adventures’ is a focus on getting moving. For those that don’t necessarily want to spend their whole holiday flat out on a beach lounger, this section covers some useful tips from planning activates, getting exercise sessions in whilst away, to all-out active holidays like trekking and yoga retreats.  

‘The Packing Edit’ is where I essentially get to show you all the pretty things in my case. I have tried to give a destination by destination breakdown of some of the outfits, accessories and beauty products that I love.

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